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The Sport for a Lifetime

Volleyball offers people of all ages and abilities a lifetime of opportunity to play, compete and excel. The sport of volleyball is one of the most popular and exciting Olympic and Paralympic sports to play and watch, requiring a unique combination of skill, athleticism and teamwork.

Invented in 1895, volleyball is now one of the most popular sports in the world and the No. 1 team sport for girls in high school and college in the United States, with continued growth in participation for boys and on the beach.

The sport can be played in a variety of formats on almost any surface. 

Playing volleyball gives young athletes the opportunity to develop critical life and character skills including respect, leadership, teamwork and communication.

Whether your goal is to learn the basic skills to play recreationally or pursue your Olympic or Paralympic dreams, the sport of volleyball has something for everyone to love.

When you play volleyball, you become part of a community where everyone is welcome and lifelong friendships are built through play, competition and fun.



As the most innovative sports facility in South-east Queensland, Clovers Volleyball Club is the premier destination for individuals, families, athletes, and businesses.

We have worked hard to go the extra mile and deliver exciting and enjoyable amenities for everyone—that way as soon as you come, you won’t want to leave!

Playing Volleyball


Indoor volleyball is a very popular discipline of volleyball. It’s played on a hard-surface indoor court with up to six players per side.  

Indoor volleyball is also offered as a collegiate sport at more than 1,800 colleges and universities in the United States.

Competitive indoor volleyball play is available in most parts of the world.

Clubs can field teams, offer lessons or training programs, and may choose to compete both regionally and nationally.

Get started with volleyball basics.

Beach Volleyball Court


Beach volleyball is a discipline of volleyball typically played in the sand with teams of two players per side.

Most of the skills and basic rules of the game are the same, with each pair covering the full court and working together to score points. Beach volleyball was introduced as an Olympic summer sport in 1996.

Beach volleyball is an emerging scholastic sport at the high school level, but competitive play is available through various clubs and recreational organizations.

Kids Playing Volleyball


This program is heavily suited for our newest athletes looking to start volleyball for the first time, or are still learning the basics of the sport.

The program aims to teach these athletes the basic skills and actions required to play the sport. This program is considered as the entry-level program for all new athletes looking to start.

This is an emerging program and we will be developing the structure over the coming year. Please stay tuned and subscribe to find out more.